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The planning phase will take place throughout 2024 and will align with other planning efforts. This includes campus planning, which will adapt our physical campus to serve the university’s future needs, and U of U Health Strategic Planning, which will ensure the growth and vitality of our robust health system statewide.



Spring 2024


Spring & Summer 2024


Fall 2024


  • Involve our entire university community in shaping a plan that articulates how we will achieve our vision; hold multiple collaborative forums (such as town hall sessions, surveys, and focus groups) to invite insights and ideas.
  • Explore themes that will influence our success and identify how we will address specific strategic imperatives identified through research, community engagement, and other planning activities.
  • Develop an implementation plan that identifies resources critical to success and mechanisms to gauge our progress toward achieving our vision over time.

Key Themes To Evaluate

Key Themes to Evaluate
  • The undergraduate and graduate student experiences.
  • Shared and core institutional services necessary for operational excellence.
  • Physical campus environment.
  • Research productivity and innovation.
  • Faculty, staff, and leadership development.
  • Community engagement.
  • Wellness and resilience of our students, faculty, staff, and leaders.

Strategic Imperatives

  • Provide an unrivaled college experience with living-learning environments and opportunities for students to be inspired, research, serve and find a unique pathway to success.
  • Grow the physical footprint of our campus to ensure we can provide the highest quality and access to patient care, educate a larger student body, and empower our faculty to drive innovation.
  • Prioritize operational excellence to maximize our resources and ensure responsible growth.
  • Support researchers and entrepreneurs to seek answers to pressing societal issues.
  • Customize the student experience by addressing issues such as student retention, time to graduation, belonging, curriculum gaps, and targeted faculty development.
  • Generate entrepreneurial revenue through innovation and commercialization.
Strategic Imperatives